THE HOLY FAMILY MASS (Sanctus:)- Composed by Tony Muyingo

Mtakatifu Mtakatifu Mtakatifu bwana mungu Mtakatifu mtakatifu mtakatifu bwana mungu wa jeshi.   Mbingu na dunia zimejaa, mbingu na dunia zimejaa kweli zimejaa utukufu wako kweli zimejaa utukufu wako.  …

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Loagayon Anonymous. by Harm & Arr. Lawrence Ssemanda

Loagayon loagayon, Loagayon loagayon, Loagayon loagayon, Ekapolon lokasuban   Aibuses kon ileleba, Aibuses kon ileleba, Aibuses kon ileleba Tom akuj k’kwap   Hosana Hosana, Hosana Hosana, Hosana Hosana, Irukoi ikokuju…

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Lo’agayon Teni by Harm. Lambert

Lo’agayon, Lo’agayon, Lo’agayon, Lo’asuban Papa Lo’agayon, Lo’agayon, Lo’agayon, Lo’asuban Papa, Lo’agayon Teni   Aibuses aibuses kon ileleba, Lo’asuban Papa Aibuses aibuses kon ileleba, Lo’asuban Papa Lo’agayon Teni   Osana Irukoi…

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Ibus Ibus (Santus) by Longoli Joseph

Ibus Ibus Akuj elope’ angiboro’ adaadang Ibus Akuj elopea ngiboro’adaadang   Ileleba akibuses kon Ileleba akibuses kidiama kalokwap   Hosana Hosana Hosana toyai kidiama Hosana Hosana Hosana Hosana Hosana toyai…

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DOWNLOAD LINK: mutukirivu pdf

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Sanctus , Holy

Sanctus – HOSANNA Hosanna praise God Come save us Oh Lord Hosanna amen we will praise you forever (2) Holy Holy Holy Lord God of power and might Heaven and…

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