I cannot come to the banquet, don’t trouble me now,
I have married a wife, I have bought me a cow,
I have fields and commitments that cost a pretty sum,
Pray hold me excuse, I cannot come.
1.    A certain man held a feast on his fine estate in town,
He laid a festive table and wore a wedding gown,
He sent invitations to his friends far and wide,
But when the meal was ready, each one of them replied;
I cannot come……………

2.    The master rose up in anger, called his servants by name said;
Go into the town fetch the and the lame,
Fetch the peasant and pauper for this I have willed;
My banquet must be crowded and my table must be filled.
I cannot come………….

3.    When all the poor had assembled there was still room to spare;
So the master demanded; go search everywhere,
To the highways and byways, and force them to come in
My table must filled before the banquet can begin.
I cannot come………….

4.    Now God has written a lesson for the rest of mankind,
If we are slow in responding, he may leave us behind,
He’s preparing a banquet for that great and glorious day,
When the Lord and master calls us be certain not to say;
I cannot come……………


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