1.    Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All,
How can I love thee as I aught?
And how revere this wond’rous gift,
So far surpassing hope and thought.
Sweet Sacrament, we thee adore,
O make us love thee more and more!
O make us love thee more and more!

2.    Had I but Mary’s sinless heart,
To love thee with my dearest king
with what bursts of fervent praise
Thy goodness, Jesus, would I sing.

3.    O, see within a creature’s hand
The vast creator designs to be.
Reposing infant-like, as though
On Joseph’s arm on Mary’s knee.

4.    Thy body, soul, and Godhead, all
mystery of love divine!
I cannot compass all I have
For all thou hast and art are mine.

5.    Sound, sound his praises higher still,
And come ye Angels to our aid.
‘tis’ God ‘tis’ God, the very God,
Whose power both man and angels made?


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