1.    O bread of heaven, beneath this veil,
Thou dost my very God conceal;
My Jesus dearest treasure hail;
I love thee and adoring kneel
Each loving soul by thee is fed
With thy own self in form of bread.

2.    O food of life, thou who dost give
The pledge of immortality
I live no, ‘tis not I that live;
God gives life, God lives in me
He feeds my soul he guides my ways
And every grief with joy repays.

3.    O bread of love, that dost unite
The servant to his living Lord
Could I dare live and not requite
Such love then death were meet reward
I cannot live unless to prove
Some love for such unmeasured love.

4.    Beloved Lord in heaven above,
Where Jesus thou awaitest me;
To gaze on thee with changeless love;
Yes thus I hope thus shall it be
For how can he deny me heaven,
Who here on earth himself hath given.


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