All you nations, sing out your joy to the Lord, Alleluia, Alleluia.
1.    Joyfully shout all you on earth,
Give praise to the glory of the God;
And with a hymn, sing out his glorious praise. ALLELUIA.

2.    Lift up your hearts, sing to your God;
Tremendous his deeds among men.
Vanquished your foes, struck down by power and might. ALLELUIA.

3.    Let all the earth kneel in his sight,
Excelling his marvelous fame;
Honour his name, in highest heaven give praise. ALLELUIA.

4.    Come forth and see all the great works that God has brought forth by his might;
Fall on your knees before his glorious throne. ALLELUIA.

5.    Parting the seas with might and power,
He rescued His people from shame,
Let us give thanksfor all his merciful deeds. ALLELUIA.

6.    His eyes keep watch on all earth,
His strength is for ever renewed;
And let no man rebel against His commands. ALLELUIA.

7.    Tested are we by God the Lord, as silver is tested by fire;
Burdened with pain we fallen unsnared in our sins. ALLELUIA.

8.    Over our heads wicked men rode, we passed through the fire and the flood;
Then, Lord, you brought your people into your peace. ALLELUIA.

9.    Glory and thanks be to the Father;
Honour and praise to the Son; and to the Spirit, source of life and of love.


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