1.    Come my brothers, praise the Lord Alleluia.
Praise the Lord for He is good, Alleluia.

2.    Come to Him to give Him thanks, Alleluia.
Hail the Lord with joyful songs, Alleluia.

3.    For a mighty God is He, Alleluia.
He is King of all the world, Alleluia.

4.    In His hands are valleys deep, Alleluia.
In His hands are mountain peaks, Alleluia.

5.    In His hands are all the seas, Alleluia.
And the lands which he has made, Alleluia.

6.    Come my brothers, praise the Lord, Alleluia.
He is our God and we are His, Alleluia.

7.    Praise the Father, praise the Son, Alleluia.
Praise the Holy Spirit too, Alleluia


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