1.    Come ye faithful, raise the anthem,
Cleave the skies with shouts of praise
Sing to him, who found the ransom,
Ancient of eternal days;
God of god the word incarnate
Whom the heavens of heaven obey.

2.    Ere he raised the lofty mountains,
Formed the seas or built the sky,
Love eternal, free and boundless,
Moved the Lord of life to die,
Fore- ordained the Prince of Princes
For the throne of Calvary.

3.    There for us and our redemption;
See him all his life-blood pour
There he wins our full salvation,
Dies that we may die no more;
Then, arising lives forever;
Reigning where he was before

4.    High on you celestial mountains;
Stands his sapphire throne, as bright
Midst unending Alleluias;
Bursting from the sons of light,
Zion’s people tell his praises
Victor after hard-won fight.

5.    Bring your harps and bring your incense
Sweep the string and pour the lay;
Let the earth proclaim his wonders;
King of the celestial day;
He the lamb once slain is worthy;
Who was dead, and lives for aye.
6.    Laud and honor to the Father;
Laud and honor to the Son;
Laud and honor to the Spirit;
Ever three and ever one;
Consubstantial, co-eternal,
While unending ages run.


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