Glory to the Trinity, the undivided Unity
The Father, Son and Spirit one,
From whom all life and goodness come.
1.    Sing praises to the living God,
Glory, halleluiah Come, adore the living God,
Glory, Halleluiah. Though sun and moon may pass away,
His word will ever stay.
His power is forever more Glory, halleluiah.

2.    To the living God we sing, Glory, halleluiah
Let our love and praises ring, glory, halleluiah
To his sons he always gives, His mercy and his love.
Praise him now forevermore, Glory, halleluiah.

3.    To the God who cannot die, Glory halleluiah
To the living God we cry, Glory halleluiah
He promised to be with us. And he lives in every one
Love him forevermore, glory halleluiah.


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