LET US WALK IN THE LIGHT, Music and Harmony: Oloka Stephen

Walk in the Light, the light of God Walk in the light of God as one family, Walk with Jesus Christ our savior, Walk in the light of God as one Family.

  1. Be merciful, kind and gentle help the suff’ring the sick and the helpless be the warmth of Christ in their hearts, so that in you Christ may be seen.


  1. Mary our Mother and Mother of Jesus in your arms hold protect your children from the stormy waves of the world, so that they stand firm in the faith.



  1. Holy Martyrs of Uganda and Saint Joseph, pray for our parents to have courage, to carry their Cross just like Christ, so that United our Families lives.


  1. Glory, Honour, praise to the Father Glory, Honour, praise to you Jesus Glory, Honour, praise to the Spirit World without end now and Evermore.



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