1.    Pilgrims united in Christ to our home,
Firm ahead we strive.
Christ is the way that will lead to our goal,
Now our hopes range high.
Long ago we walked in darkness, now we have the light,
Yes, with faith we search in brightness
Faith in Jesus Christ.
2.    Christ is the truth and the rule of our thought,
As we strive for peace.
Mind then and heart we belong to the Lord
“Truth shall make us free”.

3.    Christ is our light: the horizon is bright,
All aglow, right now.
Walk with the cross in pursuit of the right,
Christ has shown us how.

4.    Love of our neighbor we have as the law
As the Lord commands.
Life is the prize he has paid for our cause,
All our heart demand.

5.    God is our goal and the end of all ends
Seen on Calvary’s cross.
Christ then declared by his risefrom the dead,
God shall reign in all.

6.    Pilgrims rejoice for your feet are insured,
Christ has cleared the path.
Walk, then, in him and your hearts we assured
Of the bliss that lasts.


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