We’re going with Jesus, walking together,
Over the path he has trod,
And up every mountain down every valley,
We walk along with God.
1.    He is the author of our life
Our comforter and friend
He’s with us now and he will be
Right with us to the end.

2.    In working for the Lord on earth
One thing you’ll find true,
The good you do will all come back
A hundred fold to you.

3.    We’ve heard his word we know it’s true
He came to save the world,
Let’s help the people, all the people,
Jesus keeps his word.

4.    O Lamb of God you died for us
You taught us how to live
To love each other, help each other
Just the way you did.

5.    Love’s like a candle God sets out,
To light your world and mine
If each of us would light but one
Just think how it would shine.


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