Yes I shall arise and return to my Father!
1.    To you, O Lord I lift up my soul
In you O my God, I place all my trust.

2.    Look down on me, have mercy O Lord;
Forgive me my sins, behold all my grief.

3.    My heart and soul shall yean for your face;
Be gracious to me and answer my plea.

4.    Do not withhold your goodness from me
Lord may your love be deep in my soul.

5.    To you I pray, have pity on me;
My God, I have sinned against your great love.

6.    Mercy I cry, O Lord, wash me clean
And whiter than snow my spirit shall be.

7.    Give me again the joy of your help;
Now open my lips, your praise I will sing.
8.    Happy is he, forgiven by God;
His sins blotted out, his guilt is no more.

9.    You are my joy, my , my refuge and strength;
Let all upright hearts give praise to the Lord.

10.    My soul will sing, my heart will rejoice;
The blessings of God will fill all my days.


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