1.    O purest of creatures, sweet mother sweet maid
The one spotless womb, wherein Jesus was laid
Dark night hath come down on us, mother and we
Look out for thy shinning, sweet star of the sea.

2.    Deep night hath come down, on this rough-spoken world
And the banners of darkness, are boldly unfurled;
And tempest-tossed church-all, her eyes are on thee
They look to thy shinning sweet star of the sea.

3.    He gazed on thy soul, it was spotless and fair.
For the empire of sin it had never been there
None ever had owned thee, dear mother, but he,
And blessed thy clear shinning, sweet star of the sea.

4.    Earth gave him one lodging; twas deep in thy breast
And God found a home, where the sinner finds rest
His home and his hiding-place both were in thee
He was won by thy shinning, sweet star of the sea.

5.    Oh! Blissful and calm was the wonderful rest
That, thou gavest thy God in thy virginal breast
For the heaven he left found heaven in thee,
And he shone in thy shinning, sweet star of the sea.




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