Christ is my rock, my refugee, my stronghold,
Firm as the tree’s root that clutches the land,
He who has faith builds woth out worry,
No like a man who builds upon sand,
I set my house on a solid foundation,
Christ is my rock, the root of my soul’s recreation.

1.    I know a man who loved to live free!
He pitched his tent by the side of the sea,
It stood by the surf and was washed by the spray
Some day a wave came and washed it away.

2.    I know a man who loved to live high,
He built his castle right up to the sky
Through summer and spring it stood pretty well,
When winter winds whistled it toppled and fell.

3.    I know a man a cool one to know,
He built his house out of ice and of snow,
In chill isolation his night work was done
But it melted away with the warm morning sun.

4.    I know a man who built out of straw,
The filmsiest fellow that you ever saw,
One day a spark set it to flame
And nothing was left to remember his name.


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