1.    How many times must his people be told
Before they know they are one
How many times must he die for their sins?
Before they know what he’s done
How many times must he offer his life?
Before the victory is won.
The answer my friend, is deep in your heart,
The answer is deep in your heart
2.    How many times must we offer this bread?
The body of God made man
How many times must we offer this wine?
Before we all understand
How many times must we stumble and fall,
Before we reach for his hand

3.    How many times must he call for you name
Before you know that it’s you
How many times must he tell you to come?
Before you know what to do
How many times must he show us his love?
Before we know it is true.

5.    How many times must the sick look up,
And find there’s no one to care?
How many times we must stumble and fall,
Before you offer a hand
How many times must reach through these bars
Before you give me the keys?

6.    How many times must a curtain be drawn
Before you know that I’m there?
How many times must I wonder alone?
Before you call me a friend?
When you are gathered here in my name,
There I am in your midst


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