Hail! Hail! Uganda glorious martyrs. Hail! Hail! Ye pillared of our faith.

Pray for Uganda, pray for the Christians that we may live always in peace.



  1. You strode with vigor to die for your faith;

strong as your will. Undaunted by all the love for your master was burning bright, the   cruel

Persecution could not stifle its flame.


  1. Faith is the victor of all in the world

Christ was the first to die for truth.

The presence of Jesus Eucharist

Arous’d you to remain so faithful (then to 2nd ending)


  1. .Pray to the spirit the source of our strength.

To rouse our faith to strengthen our will

To hunger for Jesus the bread of life;

With Jesus the master we shall view the great fight.


  1. You are now seated with god shining bright

Strong is your power you rule with the Lord.

Remember your brothers, on earth below;

We beg your intercession in this time of great need.


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