BRIDAL CHORUS by Richard Waner

Here comes the bride, she’s full of pride.

All you present turn your heads and behold

Her steps so firm, her will confirm

That she has been and will always behold.


Inside her heart, she’s full of joy

She approaches to meet the boy

My prayer is quite short and without lie

My darling lead me now to the Altar

So that I become your dear little legal star

And you will be my own until I die.


Here comes the bride she’s full of pride.

All you present nod your heads in assent

Her steps so firm her will confirm

yes she’s ready to give her consent

  1. Guided by us, thrice happy pair

Enter this doorway ‘its life that invites

All that is brave, all that is fair

Love now triumphant forever unites


Champion of virtue, boldly advance

Flower of beauty, gently advance

Now the loud mirth of revealing is ended

Night bringing peace and bliss has descended

Fanned by the breath of happiness rest

Closed to the world by love, only blessed.


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